Hospital Service

We are in partnership with the lead chaplain at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Moshi, TZ which is the second largest hospital in Tanzania and the busiest referral hospital for over 15 million people in Northern Tanzania. The hospital is a huge complex with 500-800 inpatients in 630 official beds. Tanzanians attending KCMC for treatment do not have medical insurance and must pay for prescription drugs out of pocket. KCMC like all Tanzanian hospitals does not provide food or water for its patients….even when they are in the ICU.

When we saw this need we were compelled to respond in love. This looks like stepping out in compassion and love with our volunteers by providing food, water, healing, prayer, encouragement, songs of hope, and just simply being there for people who have nobody. We seek to love the patients and serve them bringing the love and light of God to them right where they are at and its abiding hope.

Several ways we do this are:

KCMC Moshi- Bring fruits, water, and hygiene items to those in the hospital who don’t have visitors to do so (Tanzanian hospitals do not provide food, water, or hygiene supplies to admitted patients).

KCMC Moringa plot – We are working with the lead chaplain at KCMC to plant an acre plot with Moringa trees. The Moringa’s nutritious leaves will then be dried and ground into a powder and put into small jars and given to patients as a high-nutrient food supplement. According to ECHO Moringa leaves have 7x more Vitamin C than oranges, 3x more Iron than spinach, 3x more Potassium than bananas, 4x more Vitamin A than carrots, and 4x more Calcium than milk. 

KCMC pray with and love the patients – We have opportunities for volunteers to come and sit with patients and show them love and bring hope and healing. Singing songs of hope that resonate through the halls of the hospital is another option, so bring your guitar.