What about payment and where do my fees go?

Your fees go to hire local staff (chef, housekeeper, laundry), to the products and services we provide you, and to maintain our facilities and equipment to a very high quality standard and better serve you and our partner groups. We strive to offer you the lowest rates possible while providing a highly personal experience of the highest quality. In partnership with you we want to give all we can to those who need it the most who are served by our partner groups and KVF.


Do I need travel insurance?

We highly recommend it. We do not offer insurance but there are many options available. More info: here


What do I need to know about booking travel/airfare?

We leave booking airfare up to you to suit your travel preferences. You will simply need to book your arrival flight final destination into Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) where we will pick you up. We will drop you off at JRO as well, unless you add a Zanzibar getaway on the end of your trip in which case departing Tanzania from Dar es Salaam is a smoother option. Please advise us of your flight itinerary ASAP.


What about passports/visas?

You will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after you return to your country of origin. You will also need a volunteer visa at a cost of $100 USD for volunteering. A different permit is required if you are staying more than 3 months at a cost of $500 USD.


What about safety/security?

Tanzania is a very safe place and has long been a peaceful country but for your comfort we go above and beyond to ensure a safe and secure experience. We provide the highest safety and security possible both at our guest house and while you travel and volunteer. Our guest houses are walled and gated and we employ a security guard who is on premises. We also provide our own private transportation to placements to further add to your comfort, safety, and security. 


Do you have any age restrictions?

We welcome families to bring members no younger than 8 years of age. We do require a parent/guardian in full responsibility for those under the age of 18.


Do I need technical skills to volunteer?

No. While the medical and teaching placements require technical skills/certification our opportunities in children’s centers and environmental do not. TEFL certification for the teaching placement is helpful but not required and there are ample opportunities for teaching in the children’s centers as well. We will discuss your goals and skills further in the initial interview and are happy to answer further questions.


Can I volunteer individually, or with a group/family?

You are welcome to volunteer individually or with family or a group. Depending on space you may need to room with another volunteer of the same gender if volunteering solo. We currently have a guest house that houses 10 volunteers with bunk bed sleeping accommodation in Arusha. There is an option for accommodation in another guest house in Arusha for 6 additional people as well. If you are volunteering for the Environmental placement we have a guest accommodation for 4 additional people to stay out in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro while working there. We are happy to discuss any further questions.


What about immunizations and prescriptions?

Please talk with your primary care provider about immunizations and get more info from the CDC at the following website: here. Be advised you WILL NEED the yellow fever vaccine to enter the country and a stamped card showing you have received it (You may hear this is no longer a legal requirement but it is necessary to carry it). Also talk with your primary care provider about anti-malaria prescriptions for short-term visits as well as an optional prescription for “traveler’s sickness”. Bring any prescription or OTC medications that you typically take as they may not be available in Tanzania.


How early must I book my trip?

We ask for eight weeks notice minimum before you plan to be in Tanzania. This gives us and our partner groups time to prepare, find the perfect placement for you, and to get all travel arrangements in order.


How do I apply?

Contact us through this website or email and we will send you application materials. Submit application deposit and written statements described in the application of your gifts/skills/goals in coming to volunteer for the KVF and what your placement(s) of interest are with included resume/CV if applicable. Once you have decided on volunteering with us we will set up a phone/video interview to discuss what you will be assisting our partner groups with and getting a better idea of the skills you bring and goals you have for the experience. At this time we require a $300 nonrefundable deposit to book your time with us.


Do you offer internships/apprenticeships with partner groups?

Yes. We are working with several universities to offer internship/apprenticeship programs and would be happy to look into further collaborations and to discuss options with you.


I am interested in being a missionary/staffing a partner group in Tanzania, Are there opportunities?

Yes. We would be happy to work with you and discuss options for connecting in this way with KVF and our partner groups. 


How do I book an excursion and what is the cost?

Cost depends on the extent and length of the excursion since we will create a custom package for you. Safaris vary in cost depending on number of people, number of national parks you will be entering, and lodging choice while you are in the bush. Kilimanjaro treks cost depends on route and equipment usage but you can plan on $2000/person USD roughly. Zanzibar Island is highly variable depending on activities you take part in from spice tours to diving to spa and massage, we will book flight and lodging and the rest is up to you. We are happy to provide more detailed information on excursions once you have applied to volunteer with us.


What is acceptable to wear and is there a dress code?

To respect our partner organizations and the culture we ask that you dress conservatively. For women in general keep shoulders covered and cover legs to the knee. For men keep shirts on. Depending on your volunteer placement t shirts and casual wear is generally good and work wear if you are doing applicable project work.


Can I make donations to KVF or partner organizations I volunteer with?

Yes. We recommend donating directly to KVF via this website. These donations fund all of our programs for our children’s center partners. The KVF is a 501c(3) non-profit and is able to take tax-deductible donations which directly benefit our three children's center partner groups and all of the KVF projects. Medical placements in hospitals do require a $100 USD contribution to the hospital accept placements at Samaritan Village's new clinic.


What will my days in Tanzania look like?

Waking up to a great breakfast prepared by our chef followed by heading out to your volunteer placement for the day. You can expect to spend 4-8 hours a day volunteering and returning to the house in the evening for dinner and free time. We will also schedule free days to explore the city and local culture.


What are the requirements of volunteering with KVF?

We require a minimum of 1 week of volunteering (we recommend at least 2 weeks). You can add one or more of the excursion options as well. 


What about staying in contact with family abroad?

Minimal WiFi should be available at the KVF house during certain hours. There are also internet cafes in Arusha with access to WiFi that you may be able to travel to on days off. You can also get a sim card for your phone in town or inquire about your providers international calling options.


What about Ebola?

We have been monitoring the Ebola virus disease (EVD) since the outbreak. EVD is present in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea which are located on the opposite end of the African continent from Tanzania. None of these countries border Tanzania, or even border a country that borders Tanzania.While EVD is very serious, it is only transmitted through close contact with the bodily fluids of patients who are exhibiting symptoms and is not airborne. The risk for coming in contact with EVD during air travel is very low. Heightened global vigilance means governments and airports are taking extreme precautions to ensure travelers are healthy when boarding flights. Learn more on the CDC website: here