Camp Freedom Project

(LOHADA new 7 acre plot)

Project plans for:

  • Secondary school
  • Vocational and mentoring Center
  • Large-scale chicken project (providing to all of LOHADA)
  • Large-scale farm
  • Well drilling


Secondary School:

LOHADA already has a primary school at Camp Joshua and the need has been established to create a secondary school. This need is based on providing the highest quality education on site without sending children to expensive boarding schools where they are disconnected from home activities. Having children live at home will increase opportunity for mentoring as well as having a family connection and learning how to apply knowledge in a home environment. The vocational and mentoring center will also be onsite with the school providing a place for mentoring, tutoring, and career exploration.


Vocational and Mentoring Center:

A need for a vocational and mentoring center has been established to provide focus for and invest in the older secondary school students. The center will be both a resource center for information through books and computers as well as a place to receive mentoring, career exploration, and tutoring from staff and volunteers.


Large-scale Chicken Project:

As part of our EDEN Projects this large scale chicken project will provide chickens for meat and eggs to support 200 kids in various LOHADA centers and also has an integrated rain harvest and storage system.


Large-scale Farm:

As part of our EDEN Projects a large scale inter-cropped staple crops farm will be established at this site. The main crops will be maize, legumes, vegetables, and various cover crops/livestock fodder.


Well Drilling:

A need for a deep well has also been established to bring water to the site for human consumption as well as a backup to rain harvesting for watering crops.





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